Save Your Fork! (July)

We’ve written before about stopping off on our way to and from the Shenandoah at the Inn at Little Washington for boxed lunches.  But nothing says summer like the Inn’s peach pie!

Unless maybe it is the Inn’s cherry pie, which we haven’t tried yet.  In autumn, they switch to pumpkin and apple-thyme.  Winter . . . → Read More: Save Your Fork! (July)

More Backpacking Secrets Exposed

We do pretty well backpacking–sleeping under the stars, living out of a bag, eating dehydrated food.  For about, say, 5 days.

We planned for our accommodations on the last day of our 2008 trip to be a luxe room at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  Upon seeing our filthy bodies and dust-caked gear, however, . . . → Read More: More Backpacking Secrets Exposed

This Always Happens

This always happens, so we are trying not to take it too seriously.

Having spent a few days in the west, we’ve realized that our 700 square feet of space are weighing us down.  What we really need is to pare down to the essentials and move into an Airstream.

So we are ready . . . → Read More: This Always Happens

The Most Important Meal of a Long, Difficult Day

When hiking or backpacking, the only breakfast that really makes sense is some sort of energy bar.

Unless, of course, energy bars are also passing as multiple midday snacks and desserts, in which case they cannot possibly double as the most important meal of the day.

Our 2011 Grand Canyon trip found us loaded . . . → Read More: The Most Important Meal of a Long, Difficult Day

Instant (Luxe!) Hot Chocolate

Our experience hiking across the Grand Canyon a few years ago taught us the importance of a few luxuries along the way.  Opportunities to make dried food luxuries are limited, but for our 2011 trip, we managed to pull together a somewhat luxe approximation of instant hot chocolate.  Using our trusty Jetboil, this was . . . → Read More: Instant (Luxe!) Hot Chocolate

Santa Maria BBQ (November 8, 2010)

Santa Barbara is well known as a great place for food–among the best in the country. We know firsthand, because we looked longingly at all the beautiful things they produce along the course of the Santa Barbara marathon.


Santa Barbara and Montecito, where we stayed, have some fantastic . . . → Read More: Santa Maria BBQ (November 8, 2010)

Taking to the Streets of Paris (April 2010)

This weekend, we joined the 30,000 plus people who took to the streets of Paris to protest the 35-hour work week to run (slowly!) in the Paris marathon. The highlights are too numerous to count—this is not a dull race course.

We entertained all kinds of ideas about a post race meal, but, . . . → Read More: Taking to the Streets of Paris (April 2010)

Bulk Spices in DC (April 18)

When we were in college, a local store sold spices in bulk. This was our first exposure to the world of spices outside the McCormick’s section of the grocery store.   It was a revelation and, since then, we’ve mostly relied on bulk spices.

DC has a surprising dearth of . . . → Read More: Bulk Spices in DC (April 18)

Suddenly Spain (4/10)

Lately we’ve both had a bit of bug in our behinds to get back to Spain—the first country we traveled to together and a place we haven’t seen for awhile. For idea fodder, we re-watched Jose Andres’ Made in Spain series for PBS. We are fortunate to live in Jose Andres’ home away . . . → Read More: Suddenly Spain (4/10)

Soupe au Pistou

With the leeks and new potatoes finding their way into the markets, early spring means soupe au pistou.  Recipes for soupe au pistou abound, but for years, we’ve relied on one from Jay Solomon’s Vegetarian Soup Cuisine–the source of many of our heavy rotation recipes:

1 tablespoon canola oil 1 medium yellow onion, diced . . . → Read More: Soupe au Pistou